Saturday, August 16, 2014

Review OEM KitchenAid Blender Coupling

A previous week. I'm looking for information on the OEM KitchenAid Blender Coupling, so i would like to describe here.

OEM KitchenAid Blender Coupling

Is your model a match Press CONTROL F To Search Enter Your Model Fits the following Models 4KSB5BK4 4KSB5BU4 4KSB5CR4 4KSB5ER4 4KSB5GN4 4KSB5MC4 4KSB5MY4 4KSB5OB4 4KSB5PK4 4KSB5SSOB 4KSB5TG4 4KSB5WH4 4KSB5WW4 5KSB52-4 5KSB52AAC4 5KSB52ABU4 5KSB52ACR4 5KSB52AER4 5KSB52AGR4 5KSB52AMC4 5KSB52AMY4 5KSB52ANK4 5KSB52AOB4 5KSB52APK4 5KSB52ATG4 5KSB52AWH4 5KSB52BAC4 5KSB52BAC5 5KSB52BBU4 .... Read more or Check Price

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Yes these couplers blender wear out and break over time. This system seemed to be a weak link on KitchenAid blenders (but that is not the point of this review). by db

Exactly the right side. This gear rubber does not wear out from time to time especially if you use the blender for frozen things. by Customer


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